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11/9/21 ISABA

Starting from ISABA, a little town located in Navarre, (Roncal Valley), GranFondo Larra Larrau presents a spectacular course with incredible landscapes and one of the toughest events in the calendar.
You can choose between 2 courses (146 km or 100 km), but in any of them you’ll find a huge challenge and most of all, an incredible non-competitive cycling day.



Larra Larrau is not a race anymore. It means there’ll be no timing from the start/finish line.  
But, ¿you want to give it all?
OPTIONALLY, the three big climbs of the day can be timed: Pierre San Martin, Issarbe and Larrau. It’s simple, just cross the timing lines in every col.
At the end of the stage the added timing (2 or 3 climb depending on which course you’ve selected) will be shown in Isaba and you’ll see how long it took you to climb the almos 40Km or 30Km (depending on the course).
The timing has a start and finish time, before or alter that time NO timing will be done.





Con la colaboración de
Intersport Irabia

Larra larrau

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